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JE 学園

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Enter the world of JE as a student in an exclusive school meant just for you and your idols.

JE 学園

Welcome to all the students of JE Gakuen!

So I guess, all of us are lucky to be a part of this wonderful school of ours. ;D ;D

But before we start RP-ing here, there are some rules:

1. No bashing.
Pretty self-explanatory, I suppose. Any form of hurting other members here whether calling him/her names and saying bad words are not allowed.

2. Image-resizing is a must.
Having too large image may be a nuisance for others especially for those who have dial-up connection so be considerate and resize he images. Another option that you can do is put the url/ link of the image.

3. Limit your avatar and signatures to these sizes (width x height):
avatar: 100 x 100
signature: 475 x 300
**applicable only at the forum**

4. Write in PROPER English.
Emphasizing the word proper here might be too harsh but one couldn't emphasize it enough. It's annoying for most people [including myself] to read in sticky caps; LiKe tHis. And as much as possible, refrain yourself from using shortened forms of words because others might not understand it.

5. Follow the rules of the other boards (if there are any).

6. NEVER post anything pornographic here.
With the exceptions of fan fictions, I will not allow you to post links or pictures that are pornographic in nature. All (or maybe most) of us are under 18 so be aware of this.

Self-explanatory but many people are still doing it. A same message posted more than 3 time we'll be considered as spam. In addition to that, one word / emoticon responses will also be considered as spam.

8. HAVE FUN!!!
The purpose of this RP is to have fun and let our imagination play. Don't restrict too much of yourself here. Daydream all you want without being too delusional. :)

That's all for now!!!

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